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The Warehouse, Great Bow Yard, Langport - Grade II

The SBPT worked with the Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development (STSD) and the Langport Area Development Trust to restore and convert the Warehouse into a craft, heritage learning and small business centre.  The land outside will be landscaped and, in time, it is hoped sufficient money will be raised in the future to restore the historic old wharf to provide leisure boating facilities.  The Warehouse lies on the banks of the River Parrett.

The Warehouse is a fine example of, primarily Victorian, industrial architecture and is an important part of Langport's historic heritage.  The Warehouse was built by the Parrett Navigation Company, a trading Company owned by Vincent Stuckey and Walter Bagehot.   It served as a busy warehousing building in Langport which, in Victorian times, was a busy trading town.  When the building's usefulness was waning, with the loss of cargo being brought up the River Parrett (now no longer navigable) the Warehouse continued to be used for warehousing but on a much smaller scale.  For the last14 years the warehouse has been unused.  The STSD purchased the site, designated as a brown field site, in February 2003.

The Warehouse is in a poor state of repair, with part of it in a state of virtual dilapidation.  However, work on its restoration has now started. 
Funding for the restoration of the Warehouse has been received from The South West of England Regional Development Fund:  South Somerset District Council:  English Heritage (HERS):  STSD via South West Eco Homes and the Somerset County Council.   
Nearby, on the same site, a subsidiary company of the STSD - South West Eco Homes - has built Eco housing.  Both the Warehouse project and the Eco housing are attracting a lot of interest.

The entire project will concentrate on sustainability.

The STSD is now running the site itself so, for more information, ring the STSD on 01458 259400.