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Robin Hood's Hut, Goathurst near Bridgwater, Somerset   Grade II*

The SBPT's fourth restoration

Robin Hood's Hut also stands in the original parkland that surrounded Halswell House (see description of the Temple of Harmony for more information about Halswell House).  It was designed as a banqueting house in the 18th century Gothic style and stands on high ground above the House with magnificent views across North Somerset to the Bristol Channel and South Wales.

When the SBPT acquired the building in 1997 it was in a deplorable condition having been much vandalised as you can see from the photographs.  Fortunately, a previous owner of Halswell House had stored some of the cast iron pillars and stonework, from which the Trust was able to recreate the lost parts of the Hut.  It was superbly restored, using the skills of many craftsmen, with funding from English Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund, Somerset and Sedgemoor Councils and Wyvern Environmental Trust.

Robin Hoods HutThe SBPT offered the building to the Landmark Trust to become another of their unusual properties and it has now been converted into a delightful holiday house.  If you would like to spend a happy and relaxing holiday, set in glorious Somerset Countryside, please contact the Landmark Trust on 01628 825925.