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Nationwide net-work

There is a nation wide net-work of historic building preservation trusts
which come together under The UK Association of Preservation Trusts (UK APT).

The UK APT, a registered charity, is the only membership representative body for building preservation trusts (BPTs) across the UK.  There are over 260 member trusts.  Members are offered practical advice and support on running a BPT and undertaking building restoration projects.  The APT exists to promote the preservation of historic builds, by encouraging and supporting the work of building preservation trusts.

Representatives of the membership meet three times a year in support of the APT's aims. In the Autumn, the annual conference is held which is open to all members.  The Conference is taken to a different region each year.  APT, in conjunction with the Architectural Heritage Fund, holds regional seminars to assist members in various aspects their BPT work. 

Useful publications produced by the APT and available through them and some on-line, are

  • APT Guidance Notes
  • APT News
  • How to Rescue a Ruin

UK APT Committee

Members of the UK APT Committee meet at their London Office,
which is in the offices of the Architectural Heritage Fund.

South West Association of Preservation Trusts Representatives of building preservation trusts in the South West meet three times a year, often in a building that is about to be or has been restored within the area.  

During 2012  a major study was carried out to analyse and subsequently assist and grow the activities of the 60+ building preservation trusts in existence in the South West.  The Study was finalised in 2012 and is available on line from the UK APT.  Funding for this Study was primarily obtained from English Heritage with considerable assistance from two South West member trusts.   The Study has already helped a number of SW Trusts in their work.

For more information about APT, why not visit their web-site on

Architectural Heritage Fund

The UK APT works closely with the Architectural Heritage Fund and both are based in the same suite of offices.  The AHF promotes the conservation of historic buildings in the UK by providing advice, information and financial assistance in the form of grants and low interest loans. 

Contact:   The Architectural Heritage Fund, 15 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DDTel.  020 7925 0199   Fax  020 7930 0295